Nes Women’s & Men’s Fashion Jewelry and Watches

Our women’s and men’s fashion jewelry division includes private label development for the contemporary, and junior markets, men’s jewelry, watches and licensed brands.   NES Fashion excels at telling a story through product.  Each one of our collections and brands have a unique identity and offer a wide variety of styles and product to appeal to a consumer population that is increasingly distinguishing itself from the masses.


    Today’s contemporary customer is the trendiest customers. With thousands of designs created seasonally there is a large selection to choose from. In addition, custom development and sourcing helps each of our retail partner’s product selections look exclusive.

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    Nes is a must for juniors! We have up to-the-minute fashion trends and items for jewelry and hair accessories. Whatever your vision is we can help bring it to life. Or you can choose from the thousands of designs we have on a monthly basis.

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“It’s my talented team that makes us so popular and successful as one of the largest private label jewelry companies out there. There is no 'I' in the Nes Costume team! Working with us means you’re getting my entire team’s talents and experience.”

ALI COHEN - Vice President - The Nes Group/Nes Fashion


Our design team holds over 50 years of experience in the fashion jewelry and watch business. The team shops internationally for trends and integrates them into our product mix for both our contemporary and junior divisions. They merchandises programs and custom designs for our retail partners that want exclusivity.


If you’re looking for a hot new fashion trend item we are your destination. We are known for being first to launch fast fashion jewelry items and having a large selection to choose from.


We are constantly sourcing and creating new interpretations of beads, metals, crystal, rhinestone, wood, glass, chain, charms, epoxy foils as well as new combinations. Our sourcing capabilities and product development make it easy to do exclusive private label for each of our retail partners.


Our in-house design studio can create custom design quickly for your specific needs and creates finished samples using hand manipulation and soldering.


In today’s marketplace packaging is key to attracting the consumer. We have designers exclusively creating custom packaging, which includes cards, boxes, and novelty packaging for our retail partners.


Last year we have partnered with Steve Madden and have the license to manufacture and sell jewelry, watches, and hair accessories. We also have our newly created in-house label, LRM Jewelry.